Loribela explodes onto the scene. Add this Dwarf Alchemist healer to your war band for explosive results.

This dwarf alchemist utilizes her elixirs to heal allies while punishing enemies at range with her gatling gun and grenades. Loribela can attack up to six times in one activation. Boom!

  • Highly Strategic and Fast-Paced

    Judgement: Eternal Champions is an action-packed and competitive tabletop miniatures game for 2 players. Inspired by the exciting playstyle of MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games, Judgement's gods pit heroes against each other in an epic battle to gain ultimate control.

  • Make a Warband

    Six Gods. 10 starter Heroes. Hundreds of Combinations. Each Hero has a unique set of abilities and more abilities unlock as a Hero levels up. The diverse selection of unique heroes available means that every battle is a new and exciting challenge! 

  • Take On the Role of a God

    Choose one of six gods, each with a unique playstyle and strategic battlefield advantage. Harness their divine strength, and summon your Eternal Champions to the battlefield.

  • Draft Your Warband

    Miniatures are pre-assembled and can be played right out of the box. You can paint these exquisitely detailed and characterful miniatures to really bring them to life.

  • MOBA-inspired Gameplay

    Dynamic terrain features can help or hinder your battle tactics, and dangerous neutral monsters will stalk and attack any Hero who comes too close. Kill the monsters before they kill you, and you'll reap great rewards.

The World of Judgement: Eternal Champions

For millennia, six gods fought against the ancient elemental Titans that dominated both the metaphysical plane of Mideon and the physical world of Athien. These six gods were Ista, Grul, Torin, Tomas, Bruelin, and Krognar.  It was a losing war for the New Gods, as they could not match the raw elemental power of the Titans. So they hid, survived, and waited… 

Then, one day, fate gave the New Gods the control that they sought, but at a great cost. The overconfident Titans were caught off-guard by an unfathomable encroaching demonic force. To protect their world from being entirely consumed, the Titans were forced to sacrifice themselves. Their deaths assuaged the demonic hunger, but wracked the outer edges of the planes. Without their power, the world began to crumble.

Filling the vacuum of power, the New Gods united together to preserve their world. They anchored themselves into the metaphysical firmament of Mideon, and bound their own immortal forms into a network of effigies that allowed them to tap into a near limitless pool of soul energy. This network stabilized the plane and repelled the invading forces that had destroyed the elemental gods.

For a time, all was peaceful. But Krognar, ever ambitious, discovered that the more effigies he seized and controlled, the greater his power would grow. Krognar’s goal was nothing less than the complete domination of the entire Effigy Network and, in turn, the ability to reshape all of Mideon and perhaps even Athien to his desires. However, Krognar underestimated the resolve and strength of his fellow gods, as they quickly ascertained his motives. The trust required to maintain the alliance of gods fractured. The six beings who once fought together in the name of a better world turned one upon the other, and a war of conquest began. 

To this day, there has been no true victor. The Effigy Network stands strong, but battles rage endlessly throughout the plane of Mideon — each skirmish that is won grants the victorious god the power to shape a bit more of the world in their image. 

Despite their strength, the gods cannot be everywhere or wage these wars alone. Thus, the gods enlist mortal champions to fight in their stead and claim effigies in their name. These champions, born of Athien, possess the rare ability to manifest themselves upon Mideon’s immaterial plane. With the gods effigy-sourced soul power, the champions become nigh immortal; they are able to move through the effigy network at will, and even have the ability to resurrect their metaphysical forms after death. 

The champions fight in a seemingly endless battle, caught up by the will of the gods, but also exploring their own agendas and goals. Friends can often turn into foes and then return again to their side. But in the end, only one god will triumph. With each effigy toppled and reconsecrated in the image of the victors’ deity, the champions get one step closer to the new world that they crave. If their favored god gains full control of the Effigy Network, all reality will be reshaped to that god’s will.

Which god will you bring to glory? The fate of Mideon and Athien rests in your hands.