Our First Limited Edition Variant. Return of the Spider Demon

Our First Limited Edition Variant. Return of the Spider Demon

The Spider Demon stalks the dark places between dreams and nightmares. Beautiful and horrific, her caress can bring exquisite ecstasy or lethal dismemberment.

LIMITED EDITION VARIANTS are produced once! When sold out they will never return to our regular catalogue.

Spider Demon is cast in pure, unfilled, resin. She stands just over 14 cm (5.5″) to the tip of her horns, and is mounted on a sculpted 100mm by 100mm base. 

Limited Numbers Created! Reserved quantity will reach Europe. 

Spider Demon Nephila

Her mind is utterly alien, and her motivations unknowable. Granting mercy one day and annihilation the next, she spins plans within plans. Spider Demons are charmed by the antics of mortals, and take delight in seeing them dance on her strings. Many are devoted to her, and she repays their adoration with a lingering death in the embrace of her claws.

The Spider Demons that display the markings of Nephila are incredibly dangerous. Eschewing esoteric trappings, they instead rely on their martial prowess – bringing their terrifying speed and incredible intelligence to the fore. Many Demon Kings and Queens have underestimated these creatures, and paid the ultimate price for it. 

The Spider Demon is inspired by the biomechanical renderings of HR Giger. She is a balancing act between monster and maiden, with her skin transitioning from hard to soft. These juxtapositions make for a dynamic and eye-catching sculpt. The subtle blend of these elements introduces a grace in the model that brings Spider Demon to life.

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