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Marcus (Resin)

Marcus (Resin)

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Though this icy knight has seen many winters, his timeless resilience continues to place him at the frontline of every battle he enters. 

The PVC version of Marcus is available in the Core Box.

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Sir Marcus has weathered the passing of six decades with unyielding fortitude and a proud, indomitable spirit. His imposing frame, even in the twilight of his years, exudes the commanding presence of a warrior seasoned by countless battles. Clad in the finest plate mail, Marcus carries a massive kite-shaped shield that has deflected innumerable threats, and his form remains as robust and unyielding as it was three decades ago. He is the embodiment of an unyielding winter, with a countenance marked by pale skin, deep blue eyes that seem to pierce the very soul, and a cascade of white hair that gleams like fresh-fallen snow.His unwavering commitment to his duty, his fierce resolve, and his icy determination make him a formidable and revered figure on the battlefield, inspiring both fear and admiration among those who stand alongside or against him.

Contents: Resin Marcus (7 parts), 2 Resin Tokens (Protective Stance, Blizzard)
Material: pure, unfilled resin

Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.
When assembling, only use cyanoacrylate glue (medium viscosity, for best results) as other glues may damage the material.


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